Verdict forecast & analysis 02h05 Villarreal vs Liverpool contract, dated 06/05

Verdict C2 Cup Europa League
06/05/2016 02:05
Liverpool Asian Ratio
1:00: 0: 3/4: 0.90
Proportion Europe
1.65: 3.60: 4:40
Percentage Resources fainting
0.94: 2-2.5: 0.94 Villarreal

The key: Liverpool did not lose the last match at 4/5 truss Europa League.

Expert opinion: Still know are losing with the score while each losing 0-1 over Villarreal in the first leg, but the chance for Liverpool can turn the game to then be present in the final Europa League 2015 / 16 is still very open. It should be remembered, in the first leg of the semifinals will be returned to the Kop at Anfield and this is seen as huge advantage in terms of psychology for teachers and students Jürgen Klopp.

Liverpool did not lose the last match at 4/5 truss Europa League

If from the beginning of the season so far, Liverpool have won 4 and drew 1 only to the 5 matches played at home in the Europa League, commended the recent two home games they in turn pass the championship candidates Man United and Dortmund. Also calculated in all competitions, teams are circuit port city 10 unbeaten home games in a row (which won 5/7 truss recent games).

If Liverpool went into the game with excitement when played on the Villarreal back home Sa led many fans to worry with a poor away record is there. Only in recent 3 away games, "Yellow Submarine" with up to 2 matches to leave the scene empty-handed. Further, the last 13 away matches, Villarreal only win 3 games wins. Based on its high contrast between home and away between the sides, we can see Liverpool would be a safer option.

2 most recent confrontation on the OU. 6/7 Liverpool's recent matches in the Europa League have similar results. Villarreal's last 3 games with no more than 2 goals.

Liverpool vs Villarreal comments, 02h05 Day 06/05: Wading upstream

They also appreciated the opportunity to go to Liverpool, when the valuation ratio landmark football 0: 3/4. In fact, if no rate leg 0: 0, then display this rematch at best "Red Devils" only accept rival in landmark 0: 1/2 only. With reference to the total score at 2 1/4, may also find the ability to score the 2 teams, especially Villarreal were rated quite low. With rate handicap 0: 3/4 and 2 1/4 referee collapses, they often favor the 1-0 or 2-0. Technically, besides spirit and the fulcrum of the grounds, of course, no shortage of reasons to trust representatives Fog origin.

Liverpool are not afraid of the guests Spain

Liverpool has 17 times to welcome the guests from Spain on home soil and this time, they take mere 4 defeats. In 13 games remaining, the Kop won 7 games and in 7 victory there to 6 games they did not even concede. Meanwhile, Villarreal 6 times to make living in the UK and won only 1 game properly.


"For me, playing football and enjoying must go together. Swansea and Villarreal before, I do not see how Liverpool enjoyment in playing. We need to think about this issue. Of course it would be better if Liverpool into the final, but also to enjoy football again. " - Coach Juergen Klopp (Liverpool)

"Liverpool will have to play with the pressure they are candidates championship, and we did not. Clearly, what Villarreal are not under pressure before this match. I am very pleased with the team's performance, the players are also very confident. It was enough. " - Coach Marcelino (Villarreal)


- Two new teams met 2 times, with one draw and one win Villarreal.

- Liverpool have met 33 times representatives of Spain with the results won 13, drawn 10 and lost 10.

- In the next 15 times of the Spanish club, Liverpool won 4, drawn 6 and lost 5.

- Villarreal has 14 occurrences of English clubs with winning result 4, drawn 6 and lost 4.

- In the UK 6 times as guests, Villarreal won 1, drawn 2 and lost 3.


- The percentage of wins at the Asian under Liverpool is 30.77%, 61.54% Villarreal.

- Liverpool are unbeaten both past 6 home games at the awards, including winning four and drawn two.

- Won only 3/13 Villarreal away matches are over, count on all fronts.

- Villarreal striker Bakambu scored 9 goals, many 2nd in the tournament.

- At the Europa League semi-finals, Villarreal are the only team never reached the finals.

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