Dramatic elevations, Bayern win but Atletico Madrid plays the kind

Given the nature of a vital match, Bayern Munich and Atletico Madrid both have entered the utmost determination. Dramatic match was pushed up very high immediately after the opening whistle.


Bayern have played very well and who opened the scoring. Photo: Internet.

The first minute, the two sides in the fierce dispute the midfield, but could not draw closer to the opponent field. Robust defense of the two sides makes the striker frustrated and forced to use solutions to find opportunities from distance.

12 minutes, the first dramatic situation came from Douglas Costa. He hung quite dangerous ball from the right to Robert Lewandowski came, however, the Polish striker himself did not miss the opportunity to catch the ball.

Bayern still maintained steady pressure on the court Atletico. Use the road home team turned the ball from the defense committee, of Oblak fabulous way to avoid unexpected Atletico stole the ball. But the visitors still stubborn pursuers. With 1 goal advantage in the first leg, the game's Diego Simeone focus on tight defense waiting for opportunities to counterattack.

Not until the 20th minute Atletico goal truly shaken, David Alaba class ball broke to toe Thomas Muller, however, the German player does not control to finish soon but Lewy ball. Shrunk shot Oblak also very fast and shielding made of Lewandowski's finish was resolved.

Only four minutes later, a heart-pounding situations Bayern again created, in a nasty mess in the box, the ball bouncing off the winning position of Ribery. The Frenchman quickly made a pretty hard shot from distance that Oblak can not compact, as Lewandowski came back off the crossbar but was not successful.


However, Atletico responded with a goal of Griezmann precious as gold. Photo: Internet.

The turning point in the game came after 31 minutes, Bayern were awarded a free kick outside the penalty area. Xabi Alonso takes a shot power, the ball hit a player who makes the ball Atletico changed direction completely unexpected Oblak and flew into the net. The score was opened for Bayern and the two teams returned to the starting line.

Not only that, the dramatic is pushed up so high after the 3-minute opener. The referee for that side Atletico Gimenez Martinez fouled in the penalty area and Bayern have been awarded a penalty. But Muller can not win the excellence of goalkeeper Oblak. That was the situation last notable in the first half.

After the break, Atletico rises suddenly bombarded, they want government to lead in the second half looking to create goals for their huge advantage. And the team from Madrid was not a long wait, only 9 minutes after the second half began, Bayern's stadium was completely silent.

From a counterattack epitome of the visitors, the ball just 4 touches to get to Antoine Griezmann before his collaboration with Fernando Torres to break Bayern's defense completely. In situations facing Manuel Neuer, the Frenchman was cool finish brought back scoreline for Atletico Madrid.


Deserved victory, Atletico into Champions League final step 2 times in 3 years. Photo: Internet.

Was leveled at home, Bayern have scored two more goals can take part in the Champions League final. The home side continually pressed rivals Atletico and made very strenuous follow together, but still lack the decisive pass to realize the pressure that Bayern are created.

Dramatic rise 74 minutes to climax, is a play comes from Alaba, his cross from the left for a header Arturo Vidal tactic Lewadowski put into a comfortable position. Polish striker who easily stopped Oblak hit the net to make the second goal for the home team.

Newly rekindled hope Bayern bounces a cold water immediately afterwards. Torres Martinez was fouled outside the box but the referee awarded a penalty. Everything seemed to collapse with Bayern but fortunately Torres Neuer won. However, with the score 2-1, Bayern have not been able to go forward.

Both teams work together in the last minute, the tension and suffocating than ever. Some extremist supporters have not been able to sit still and began rioting in the stands. Coach Diego Simeone use all tactics to prolong the game, he even punched in the shoulders of the assistant referees in the final minutes.

The other side of the frontline, despite doing everything but Pep Guardiola still can not change the ball. Bayern completely silent about defense gameplay element of the visitors. Scores are kept and Atletico entered the finals in a dignified manner. Particularly with Pep, he again failed in the Champions League semi-final and left Bayern without once crowned in Europe.

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