Leicester City official Premier League

Leicester City have officially crowned king of the Premiership before 2 rounds after their competitors is Tottenham Hotspur Chelsea were held to a draw.


Crown had owners. Photo: Internet.

The match of the round of 36 at the latest Premier League came to an end. Stamford Bridge, Chelsea 2-0 Tottenham had even half lead 1. But goals from Gary Cahill (58 minutes) and Eden Hazard (83) has made the face of the tournament was decided.

With only get 1 point, less Leicester Tottenham still 7 points when the tournament only 2 laps. And so, they formally surrendered in the championship race.

As for Leicester City, Manchester United, they have drawn 1-1 in the previous match. And the army will have to thank Claudio Ranieri Chelsea when they helped deter direct competitor.

Leicester City won the Premier League, it's a real fairy tale of English football in particular and world football in general. No one expected a small team and is the first candidate of the season relegated to achieve such great feats.

This achievement also terminate the runner bite of Claudio Ranieri. Strategist adept Italians after repeated failures with the big teams like Chelsea, Inter Milan, Juventus, ... now finally step up the podium. This is a worthy reward for his contribution plying soccer world.

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