Coach Huu Thang choose Tuan Anh, Xuan Truong, brick against the Red Army in Taiwan (China)

Coach Nguyen Huu Thang has selected 23 players for the match against Vietnam Taiwan (China) on the evening of 24/3. Not surprisingly, Xuan Truong Tuan Anh and selected while striker Mac Hong Quan is one of five players to be struck off.

After Van Decision, Germany and Britain not to focus Tan Tai, Vu Minh Tuan injured should have to return Than Quang Ninh, Vietnam Army team only 28 people. According to the regulation, coach Nguyen Huu Thang will have 5 more tiles to draw a list of names to 23 faces before entering the game with Taiwan (China), in the 2nd qualifying round 2018 World Cup Asian region.

5 regrettable name can not work closely with Vietnam squad on the pitch tomorrow night My Dinh Bui Tan Truong goalkeeper, defender Dinh Tien Thanh, Nguyen Thanh Hien, Nguyen Xuan Thanh and midfielder Mac Hong Quan. It should be added that despite being struck off but all 5 players will be staying with the team in case Vietnam Army problems.

Meanwhile, the central midfield duo Tuan Anh and Xuan Truong is named in the list of 23 players before the game against Taiwan (China). This is understandable because both coach Huu Thang has been continuously used in the battles of stone set with T & T Hanoi and Quang Ninh Coal past. The pair also met professional expectations when shown the ability to regulate, holding the middle span and especially adapted to the style of play that little touch Nghe teacher is building for the national team.

Team match between Vietnam and Taiwan (China) will take place at 19:00 pm 24/3. Both teams remain in goal in the 2018 World Cup qualifiers If you win Taiwan (China) and Thailand and Iraq lost, teachers coach Huu Thang still opportunities contribute in the final qualifying round 2018 World Cup Asia Asian Cup finals in 2019 as well.

While Taiwan (China), a victory over Vietnam will offer hope in the group 4 No. 4 team has the best record, which contribute in the final Asian Cup qualifier in 2019.

Vietnam team will wear the red dress shirt, red pants. While Taiwan (China) in blue shirts, blue pants in the next match.

List of players for the team concentrated Vietnam

Goalkeepers (3): Fee Ming Long (HN.T & T), Nguyen Manh (SLNA), Tuan Linh (Quang Ninh Coal)

Defenders (7): Que Ngoc Hai (SLNA), Dinh Dong (FLC Thanh Hoa), Dinh Hoang (SLNA), Tien Wei (Than.QN), Tien Dung (Viettel), Family Law, Au Van Hoan (B. BD)

Midfielder (9): Do Duy Manh (HN.T & T), Van Thanh (HA.GL), Xuan Truong (Incheon United), Thanh Trung (QNK Quang Nam), Hoang Thien (SHB Da Nang), African Paints (SLNA ), Hoang Thinh (FLC Thanh Hoa), Tuan Anh (Yokohama FC), Thanh Luong (HN.T & T)

Forwards (4): Van Thang (Hai Phong), Van Toan (HA.GL), Dinh Tung (FLC Thanh Hoa), Le Cong Vinh (B.BD).

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